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We welcome everyone as we would welcome Christ himself. We are committed to hospitality by sharing our facilities, while maintaining responsible stewardship of all the Lord has given us. Thank you for helping us use these facilities to God's glory!


We intend that the use of our facilities are consistent with the priorities of Savoy United Methodist in particular, and the priorities of the United Methodist Church in general.

In order to honor God, please show grace to one another at all times. We expect everyone to use language that honors God and each other. Firearms, controlled substances, and alcohol are not permitted on church grounds. Smoking is not permitted inside the building.

Due to the high volume of building use, we may schedule different groups to be in the building at the same time. Please honor other groups by adhering to your Use Agreement.

You are welcome to use the church and many of its contents. Please replace what you use. We do restrict access to areas that are not appropriate for general use. Please use only those areas specified in your Use Agreement.

Please respect our altar area as a sacred place.

The audio-visual booth and its contents are available only when operated by our trained personnel.

Because we are concerned for your children's safety, children must be supervised at all times.


To serve you in the best possible manner, please submit a building use request form as early as possible to reserve space for your event. Requesting space early increases the likelihood of its availability.

Our Office Administrator will contact you within 72 business hours of submitting your building use request form to go over details, pricing, and answer any questions you may have. It is our goal that you experience radical hospitality in all aspects of your event.

Priority for Use

We thank God that our building is busy! In case of scheduling conflicts, we prioritize use as follows:

  1. Savoy UMC church groups

  2. Savoy UMC members

  3. Other churches

  4. Non-profit organizations

  5. Other

Facility Fees


Non-Member Individual or Organization

Main room fee:   $150/ 4 hours

Setup/teardown:  $100

Audio-Visual Booth (requires staffing): $250/ 4 hours

Kitchen: $50

Clean-up fee:

$50 (minimum, see detail below)

Audio-Visual Cart


Smaller meeting rooms

$50/ 4 hours


Notes about the Facility Fees:

  • Occasional use of the Savoy UMC facilities for current church members or regular participants in the Savoy UMC church family is provided at no-cost. Acceptable use by church members includes birthday parties, weddings, and other types of family gatherings. Use of the church facility by members for for-profit activities is not permitted. Similarly, church members should not use their status in Savoy UMC to arrange for use of the building at no-cost by organizations that they participate in. Church members must schedule their events with Aleta Keith to ensure that the facility is not double-booked.


  • The Savoy UMC Board of Trustees approved these fees at their meeting on September 7, 2022 and takes effect November 1, 2022. Fees were determined with the purpose of building maintenance and improvements as well as an acknowledgment of the time required by Savoy UMC members and partners (e.g. the Scout Troops) to set-up for events.


  • Anyone who wishes to use the church facilities must make a reservation with the office administrator  to schedule their event on the church calendar. Savoy UMC requires at least 5 business days notice to allow for coordination of individuals responsible for event set-up.


  • All those reserving use of the Savoy UMC facility must review and sign a building use policy prior to their first use of the building.


  • Groups requesting to use the building on a recurring basis must be approved by the Savoy UMC Board of Trustees. 


  • The Board of Trustees has the authority to determine group-specific fees or waive the established fee structure on a case-by-case basis.


  • The expectation is that parties using the Savoy UMC facility will clean-up any obvious debris or spills at the conclusion of their event. If clean-up does not occur, a minimum of $50 will be billed to the individual or organization responsible. Spills or damage that occur which require additional attention by Savoy UMC staff (e.g., carpet stains) may result in a greater liability to the individual or organization responsible.

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