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The Silent 15

The Silent 15 …

When I was a youth pastor in Texas some years ago, we incorporated the Silent 15 as often as possible. It is a simple principle; for 15 minutes, everything stops, all noises are silenced, distractions set aside and you are still. It was just a different space that changed the pace and therefore, welcomed the Almighty God in a different way. And it was a game changer.

The change of pace allowed space for emotions to settle which helped restore some tense relationship issues. The change of pace allowed us to see what was right in front of us (and what we had been missing). The change of space allowed us to silence the lies and hear the voice of Truth. The change of pace allowed our hearts to slow down to the rhythm of our Creator. The change of pace gave us new eyes to see the heart-issues of those around us; brokenness, loneliness, hurt, pain ...

When I think back, I’m amazed at how the teenagers grew to love the Silent 15. They rarely fought against the opportunity to be quiet and still. There was something they received {in that space} that brought them back ~ wanting more ~ each time.

How is your pace? Especially moving into this month of December?

As parents, we set the pace in our home. We can’t change much of the world, but we are commanded to lead our children; to SET the pace within our home / family.

Andrew and I have been wanting to bring the Silent 15 in our home. Although I was skeptical because our boys are young and 15 minutes can seem like an eternity to them, we tried it. And I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was, again, a game changer.

During our Silent 15, we are all together in one room, but all very alone in our own space. Each of us approaches it differently and yet we all know (and expect) that it’s a space where God comes and moves, to each of us, leaving us much better than we were 15 minutes before. It changes the entire feel of our home.

It has turned entitlement to gratitude. Panic to peace. Frustration to compassion. Fear to trust.

If you long for a change of pace, I bet your kids do too. But they might not know how to find it.

The Silent 15 might be a beautiful way to start.

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